Zeltiq Coolsculpting Singapore Review

Effective, No Surgery Needed, No Downtime

When you think about a good candidate for coolsculpting, really, anyone who’s looking to target unwanted fat, that oftentimes is resistant to diet and exercise. Coolsculpting is the only noninvasive fat-reduction treatment, that actually utilizes precisely controlled cooling to target and eliminate the fat. This treatment has been popular in Singapore for quite some time as an alternative for liposuction which many views as too invasive and dangerous.

Fat Freeze Treatment

Coolsculpting by zeltiq was developed by Harvard Scientists and it’s based on this process called Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is when you expose those fat cells to very cold temperatures and then the fat cells actually die off and they’re eliminated from the body. The coolsculpting procedure uses a patented technology. It uses controlled cooling to actually target the underlying fat but it leaves the surface clean and the surrounding tissues completely unaffected.

Areas Treated

With coolsculpting, you can treat the area right underneath the chin, you can treat your abdomen, you know, the belly area, you can treat the muffin top, just the flanks and you can also treat the inner and the outer thigh as well.

Before and After Photos

Get rid of flabby arms

works on inner thigh too

How does it work?

The fat cells, once they die, over the next few weeks they’re actually eliminated from the body. The body naturally processes the fat and then flushes the dead cells. Typically, a patient will see about a twenty to twenty-five percent reduction of fat, in the area that’s treated.

When can I see full result?

On average, you tend to see the most dramatic results, at about one to three months following the cool-sculpting procedure. Once you target the fat, once you actually kill those fat cells, they’re gone. Once the body flushes them out, they’re actually gone for good. If you gain weight following the cool-sculpting procedure, then you do have fat cells that remain in the body and those can grow larger.

The Best Liposuction Alternative

during treatment – 2 machines at the same time

Coolsculpting unlikely liposuction, is a completely non-surgical procedure, completely noninvasive. So, there’s really no downtime. Typical cool-sculpting procedures are very intolerable, your patients can experience some pulling or tugging, from the applicators vacuum and that’s what’s holding the applicator in place during the treatment.

Just relax during the treatment – No Pain – You can check your email

Cost Effective
Based on the results possible, the price of CoolSculpting is a beauty bargain. Certainly a lot cheaper (and less involved) than Liposuction.

It’s Safe – No Side Effects, No Risks

After that, he may experience a little bit of, like a cold sensation, but that usually subsides within about ten minutes, once those nerves in the treatment area go numb. Afterwards, the patient oftentimes experiences a little tingling or stinging, they can have some swelling, bruising or numbness in the area, but all of those side effects are temporary.
The cool-sculpting procedure is completely safe, it’s FDA clear, clinically proven and it’s actually been performed in over seventy countries around the world.

slimmer waistline