CoolSculpting Procedure Before And After

Video Transcript:
Hi. I’m Dr. Frank Lista and welcome to our examing room one, here at the Plastic Surgery Clinic and I want to talk to you today about this exciting new technology right here at the Plastic Surgery Clinic and it’s called Cool-sculpting. Cool-sculpting uses a principle called Cryolipolysis, that’s fat freezing and it literally freezes fat, to decrease fat in certain areas of your body. It not just for people who are overweight but people who like their weight and have fat in just a little area, that they’d like to get rid of.

The technology works on the principle that fat freezes at a different temperature than water, so we apply this cooling head or similar head like this, to an area of your body where you have a little fat or that you don’t like and fat freezes at three degrees Celsius but water freezes at zero. So, it doesn’t hurt the skin because, it’s not cold enough to freeze the skin, which is mostly water but it is cold enough to freeze your fat cells.

So, it’s super simple. We apply the applicator head to the area, put a little bit of suction on the skin and then literally freezes the fat cells and it’s amazing. At the end of the treatment, there’s no downtime, there’s no redness.

This takes about an hour, it’s not very expensive, cost but seven hundred and fifty dollars per area and your fat cells are frozen, they die and then your body just eliminates them, the way they would eliminate any fat that it finds in the body. So, what’s incredible about it is that, it’s not surgery, it only takes but hour, it’s very inexpensive and it gets rid of fat in localized areas. I’ve to tell the truth, I haven’t seen so much excitement here in the clinic in ages, all the staff is volunteering to have it done, which, you know, means that it really works and it is generating a huge amount of excitement here in the clinic, with our staff and with our patients, who finally can get rid of stubborn little fat areas without surgery.

So, you should call. You can come here to see us, there is no fee for an appointment or a consultation and meet me or one of my really skilled nurses, who could tell you all about it, whether or not you’re a candidate. Our patients love this because, it gets rid of fat without any surgery and without any downtime.