Did The Fat Loss Procedure Work?

Video Transcript:
I just have this problem area, which is kind of a see, for me it’s right here. It’s kind of done right up there and I’d like to do better here. If this thing goes and I’ll be updating us on the procedure and we’ll see what happens. Get rid of this.

It’s been five days since the coolsculpting and the redness obviously is gone but we still have some information and that’s (inaudible 15:37) and over time, what’s going to happen if this should decrease and as the fat goes away and you’ll also see that bump I don’t like. Okay, we already at the three-week mark and what’s happened is the swelling that I had, appears to have gone down from the coolsculpting and it kind of seems like I am back to where I was at the beginning of this process. Well, it has been six weeks and let’s take a look. Slowing down,

I’m pretty sure I have lost a good amount of fat, I’m not exactly sure how much, visually I can notice it. I wish it was more but they do say it takes up to eight weeks, it’s still a side, see if you could compare and then, one lines up with the other videos. I am officially at eight weeks and I can see a noticeable difference when I look down. I have my stack here and hopefully, you can see on the side profile, that it is diminished and this was the cool-sculpting procedure that I showed you, I have previously video if you’re not familiar with it.

So, you can check it out but I will be adding the before and after pictures to get from the doctor’s office to the studio, in about two weeks. So, enjoy and thank you for watching.