Fat Freezing The Buttocks

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Zadeh, this is Center for Cosmetic Health. We’ll be doing a coolsculpting treatment now. We have other videos you can go over. Technology micro scoping is a natural treatment. We’ll be doing on a (inaudible 06:57) just on her upper thighs. So, we have the areas marked out here, see right there. When we squeeze, we can see the peak there and here, that’s where we are going to apply the (inaudible 07:23).

First of all, what we do first is that, we put on a cool (inaudible 07:27). Joe, how do you feel a slightly wet right now and that will protect the skin from the suction and the freezing of the cool-sculpting device. We are just removing the air bubbles out of the (inaudible 07:45). We put the applicator on there, we are using cool creep applicator, which is good for this particular areas. We put it on the center, we want treated. Are you okay right there? Okay. Then you can feel the suctioning. We trying to make it more comfortable. So, that’s the treatment. So, this treatment takes an hour, we’ll come back in an hour and we’ll take it off.

Here, so, the treatment is complete now, we are going to turn off the suction and gently take the device off. Good. See the area that is being treated, then we take jocker off now. We are going to just massage it down. We may feel a little discomfort as the massage is being done. We are going to massage it for about three to five minutes or so. Okay, that’s final and we are going to do the other side the exact same way.