Is It An Alternative For Liposuction?

CoolSculpting vs Liposuction – Which one is better?

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary new technology, that’s going to change the face of plastic surgery, for the next decade. For years and years and years, patients have come to me, wanting to have their fat reduced, but were afraid to have surgery and have looked at all kinds of videos on the internet, about liposuction and how it is performed.

This has brought a lot of fear and trepidation into patient’s minds, about the kinds of results that they would get, the kind of downtime that they would have, the irregularities that they have seen on the Internet, underneath the skin and contour deformance. While liposuction is still the gold standard for bi-contouring and done by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, who has the artistic skill to do liposuction correctly, it is only unquestionably the gold standard and will produce unbelievable results.

Safe and Effective
Coolsculpting however, is a technology which is going to allow people to have their fats reduced in problem areas, in bulge areas without the associated downturn, anesthesia or an operation. This is a technology that we have been chasing for the last two decades, to be able to reduce fat without go into the operating room and having surgery.

Cool-sculpting is a revolutionary technology, which freezes the fat through the skin, without damaging the skin and reduces the amount of fat cells in the area of treatment, by about twenty to twenty-five percent per treatment. Now, what does this mean? This means that during a one-hour procedure, you can have your flank handles shrunk twenty-five percent and if you come back for a second treatment, fifty percent.

Now, the treatment only takes one hour. We have here at the clinic, two cool-sculpting machines. So, you can have both flanks done at the same time, during your lunch hour and then go back to work. There’s virtually no downtime, except for the one hour of treatment that you are exposed to.

The treatment is not painful, you can watch a movie, talk on your cell phone, work on your computer if you like, during the one-hour and over the next three months, you will gradually see the fat shrink, so that the labor the fact that you have, is about twenty-five percent smaller, than it was to begin with.

Now, for many busy executives, busy people in offices, who don’t have the luxury of taking time off work, everyone can take off a couple of hours and over a series of treatments, can have remarkable body contouring results, with this new technology. This technology works, we have for years looked for a technology that really worked and we finally have one.