Non Surgical Body Contouring Procedure

Video Transcript
Narrator: All week, we have been working so hard to get us Summer ready, get ready for that bikini ride. We have a mom of four joining us this morning and who is ready to get in her bikini and she’s going to have a little help here, from Katrina Curran’s from Renew Body Sculpting and good morning to you. Thanks for being here this morning.

Katrina: Good morning.
Well, you contour bodies, that’s what you do and tell us what you want to be doing today.

Katrina: Well, at Renew Body Sculpting, we specialize in body contouring So we have two different devices that permanently kill fat, one of the devices is called coolsculpting. Coolsculpting uses a technique called Cryolipolysis, which allows us to basically go in and freeze the fat cells. When those fat cells freeze they expand just enough for it to destroy the cellular cycle and the fat cells basically burn out.

Narrator: Show us what you’re going to do and who would benefit from this?

Katrina: Okay. So, Ann came in to see us and she is a mommy of four, like she said, she’s got a cesarean scar and what happens typically with people they get a cesarean scar is, obviously the doctor makes an incision right here to deliver the baby. Well, when that heals, it has keylogging, it has some scar tissue and a lot of women just cannot work that ledge off. No matter what they do, there’s always this little ledge that’s left behind. So, what we’re able to do with coolsculpting is, we’ll go in and we’re going to actually attach an applicator and bring part of that ledge in but it also the fat that is sitting right over the top of it.

Narrator: Okay.

Katrina: It will to go in and we’re going to go ahead and adhere the applicator to it. We’re going to leave it on for about an hour and when we take it off, the area that has been basically treated, will have been frozen and numb. It will then take about eight weeks or so, for the final eight to twelve weeks and all the fat are no longer in that area. One treatment, twenty-five percent fat layer reduction.

Narrator: Right now, we’re showing before and after pictures, if you can just describe a little bit about what’s going on.

Katrina: Right. So, as you can see, that picture right there has a cesarean line and that’s after doing one treatment of coolsculpting sixty days later. Well, I think what’s important here for people to know is that, this is actually FDA approved and the key word that we have to say is that it is permanent.

Narrator: So, right now, explain what’s happening.

Katrina: Okay. So, we’re going to go ahead and attach the applicator. The applicator right now is pulling the fat in between those two cooling plates. Ann, are you okay?
Ann: Yeah.

Katrina: Good. We’re going to go ahead and start the treatment then. As you can see Melissa, when you look at the side of this, look how far in the fat has been pushed inside.

Narrator: So, you can’t see anything right now, it’s completely flat on the sides.

Katrina: Yes. So everything is now inside the applicator.
Narrator: Now, what is this going to feel like because, anytime you’re talking about freezing your skin, it sounds kind of scary but I don’t know, hopefully you can be picked off my mind. What does it feel like for you right now?

Ann: Just pressure and it’s not cold, right now it’s just, I just feel pressure of having my stomach all sucked into this device, it’s kind of uncomfortable.

Narrator: So, what can she expect today, is she going to be pretty sore today and for days to come?

Katrina: So, when, in about five minutes or so, as you see here on the machine itself, it has a timer on it.

Narrator: Okay.

Katrina: Once we get past that first five minutes, that’s when the actual area will have become frozen. So it’s going to feel like somebody stuck an ice pack on your skin. Once the area becomes numb, it’s going to be numb for the next forty-five, fifty minutes, she is going to sit here with really no feeling at all, she’s just going to have a feeling of numbness and slight pressure. When we remove the applicator in one hour, it will be interesting because, as you remove it, you’ll literally see the frozen, what we call the little stick of butter and those are the frozen fat cells that have been sucked up into this applicator.

Narrator:  And you are sure she is not going to feel pain?

Katrina: Then we’ll do a two-minute vigorous massage. The only painful part of this entire procedure is that massage, this is a little bit painful, you know, but of course, the pain is (inaudible 26:28)

Narrator: Everyone want to know the price; can you give us that really quick.

Katrina: Absolutely. So typically, a large applicator is fifteen hundred, small applicator is seven hundred and fifty and then, we have specials where you combine applicators things like that.