CoolSculpting Of Outer Thigh Fat & Saddlebags

Video transcript:

Coolsculpting of the outer area also known as the saddle bags, is a completely noninvasive and non-surgical treatment for permanent fat reduction. The treatment starts with taking photos of the thighs and obtaining a baseline weight.
Right, for our patient here, we are treating for the lateral thigh, also known as the saddle bag area and this is a different applicator than the other ones, this applicator is a smooth applicator, that it actually doesn’t suction up the area. So, it’s a different template that we use and it just covers the area that we want to treat like that and so, we what we actually do is just map out.

So, I’m just going to be… Just turn to the side, okay and it’s nice so we get a view from the front, so that you know which area is the most prominent area that we’re going to be treating, which I can tell is right here.  So, I’m just going to mark kind of the center of that, just so that I know about where we’re treating and you want to make sure not to go on to the buttocks which starts right here because, obviously there’s no reason to treat that area. Alright, so we can see that that does fully treat this lateral site area, that is bothersome to the patient, okay.

During the treatment after a comfortable positioning, a foam borders applied to the treatment area. A gel pad and liner are applied to the outer side, to act as a barrier and protect the skin during the treatment. The treatment applicator is then positioned into place, in the previously marked area. The cool smooth applicator that is used for the outer thigh, does not use suction pressure to hold it in place but rather, has to be strapped securely in place.

After the cooling process is started, you will feel like cold sensation in the treatment area. Within ten minutes of treatment, the area becomes numb and there is no longer any cool sensation. There are no needles, liposuction or incisions. The cool smooth treatment of each outer thigh area takes two hours. Both sides can be treated during the same appointment. In the weeks to follow, your body will naturally break down the fat cells that die and they will be permanently eliminated from your body.

Coolsculpting results have been shown to be long term and permanent, about twenty to twenty-five percent of the fat in the treated area is gone forever. Really, results are seen about six weeks after your treatment and final results are seen three to four months after treatment.