Which Non Surgical Fat Reduction Method is The Best?

Video Transcript

I’m Dr. Catherine Begovic and I’m a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and today we’re going to talk about liposuction and the different alternatives that are on the market today.
Many patients come into my office and ask me why they need to have liposuction, when they see in the news or in different advertisements that there’s a whole bunch of different fat reducing type of lasers and different types of machines. And How it compares to non surgical fat removal procedures like coolsculpting, and liposonix.

What I tell patients is that, some of those machines are good for subtle changes, usually people can get about a twenty or thirty percent reduction in their overall dimension, all of them basically just temporarily shrink the fat cells but they don’t actually remove the fat cells, the only thing that actually removes the fat cells is liposuction, where you make a tiny little incision through the skin and actually remove the fat cells.

If you’re looking to completely avoid surgery and you want to quick fix that can do a little bit of swimming, I think that the lasers are reasonable option because, like I said they do temporarily try to shrink some of the fat cells but they still associated with different risks such as; potential burns, scar tissue that can form under the skin or irregularities. So, just because they are less invasive and maybe not a surgical procedure, it’s still important understand the risk benefit and alternatives of these procedures.

If you’re looking for something that’s actually a permanent and long lasting, where you actually have fat cells that’s removed, then liposuction really is the only realistic option. Although nowadays you can opt for the non invasive treatment such as coolsculpting, liposonix, vaserLipo, etc.

Liposuction can be done either under local anesthesia, I.V. sedation or even general anesthesia, depending on patient comfort. So, there are different options in terms of how sedated you want to be but regardless of that, liposuction is the only procedure that actually remove the actual fat cells. A lot of patients come to my office seeking liposuction procedures and they’re concerned about having irregularities and what I tell patients is that, although there are a lot of practitioners that do liposuction, it is important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon, with extensive experience in liposuction because, all of those things can happen and it’s not just an easy procedure where you take a candle and suction fat.

I mean, needs to be done like anything else, with an attention to detail, also, with an eye for artistry and shaping. And also, there’s a lot of tiny little steps such as; using a multiple crosshatch pattern, using different incision sites, in order to achieve a really nice shape with well-hidden incisions, as well as other details to allow you to have a very natural, smooth, blended look, with minimal complications.
In general, knowing what liposuction can and cannot do, will help patients achieve realistic expectations with their surgery.